Hola Amigos,

I hope y'all are doing great! Cause I sure am. I love it here! Me and
my companions got buck wild this week. We went to wing stop with some
new converts and they got us crazy hot wings. They had ghost peppers
in them! If you didn't know ghost peppers are the hottest peppers in
the world... I screamed

We met this girl named Juliana. She is so golden and ready for the
gospel. She is super humble and sweet. She is going through hard times
because she is pregnant and really young. But even though her life is
hard she is very grateful to God for all of her blessings. I really
admire that about her. We invited her to church and she didn't come. I
was devastated.

We talked to this crazy lady. She was super drunk. It was a blast I
learned a good lesson. Keep control of your body so you don't look
dumb. Pray for her soul.

I got my first hair cut. I look pretty fly! Elder Lawrence did a
pretty neat job if you ask me. Also Elder Villeda and I shaved each
others legs. So that's cool. Tambien cociné una pastel. (Also I cooked a cake) it was soooo good!