Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 7

Dear everyone,

I'm in Texas!! My first day here they took us to the Alamo where there is a line drawn on the ground. The men at the Alamo crossed that line to show that they would be willing to die for their freedom. All the missionaries have the option to cross that line and give everything to the lord for the next two year. I crossed that line.

Missionary life isn't fun. It's boring, the days are long, and I miss my friends and family. Missionary life is horrid but missionary work is incredible!

We taught this man named Jerry Jr. He is on parol right now but when we walked in the spirit hit me so strong! He wants to be baptized so bad and he knows the Church is true! He gets off parol this week after that he can start coming to church and work towards baptism!

We also have this new convert named sister Landín. Ella habla solo en español (she only speaks Spanish). Also she talks SO FREAKISHLY FAST! I understood about 2% of what she said. I have a lot of work to do.

I'm in another trio! Los nombres de mis compañeros están Elders Lawrence and Bartier. (There names are elders Lawrence and Bartier) great guys both of them. And they are pretty good trainers if you ask me. They said I'm really good at both Spanish and teaching El Evangelio (the gospel) for being out for 5 days. They said I'm way further than they were when they came out! I put my proud pants on for that. Our apartment is nice, two stories 2 bedroom 3 bath. We eat a ton of quesadillas (Mexican style the good way) and our area feeds us everyday! The members love us.

If y'all want to write me or send me a package filled with hot-wheels or something my address is:
6298 Lockhill Rd. #704
San Antonio, TX 78240

Also because I'm in an iPad mission I can read emails everyday, but I can only write back on Monday.

Ok I love and miss you all,
Elder Hollingsworth