Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 11

This week was hard. We invited the "V" family, who are so ready for
baptism, to be baptized. They said yes, then backed out. It absolutely
crushed me. They were a bit upset and said they wouldn't come to
church. We fasted for them, and they came to church!! The Lord

Happy Birthday Dad! You're super old. Hopefully you aren't dead before
I come home.

Missionary work is hard. This week wasn't fun. For your guy's sake
I'll leave the details out, but I want to testify of the power of God.
He caries me through everything. When I don't think I can keep going
he pulls me along, when I am in a lesson the spirit teaches, I am
learning Spanish faster than humanly possible and that is a miracle on
its own. God is with me. I know e gospel is true and that the church
is the way Christ promotes our faith. I know the scriptures are true,
and reading them will change your life, no matter how many times
you've read them. I know that Joseph smith was a prophet, and I know
we have a prophet today. Revelation is real.

I love you all,

Here are some pictures