Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 10

Dear Family and Friends,

Well I'm in double digits for my weeks. I guess that means I'm a pro
missionary. This week has been swell!

We had a bunch of appointments! Juliana had her baby!!!! He's so cute
and healthy. So I guess we got a free new investigator. She is so
happy and she came to church we just didn't see her. She also cute the
dad out of her life which is awesome cause he was a tool!

We went to a gardening expo and served food because the ward members
think we are free labor...freaking white people. But it's ok we got
free succulents they are called campfire succulents and are beautiful!
I named mine Phoenix. I will care for him for my whole mission because
succulents are super easy to care for. The master gardener (yes that's
a thing) told me water it once a month. So awesome!

Spanish is incredible I gave a talk in the Spanish group Sunday. It
was so cool. I had no fear because faith and fear or doubt can not
dwell in the same place. ¡Yo soy valiente! (I am brave!)
Hispanics are incredible. We had a meal with a Hispanic couple and
they invited our investigator they only have a table big enough for 4
people they gave the seats to us three companions and our
investigator. They truly see us as emissaries of the Lord. They are so
kind and generous...and don't look at us as free labor.

I'm learning how to juggle! I'm really good at it! Also we got a
coconut and smashed it on the ground like we are cave men it's so
yummy. Also thanks grandma for the cookies they were awesome! Everyone
should send me cookies or cookie mix or something like that because
you love me. Quiero galletas. (I want cookie). Thanks in advanced!