Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 6

I got some new teachers and one of them is the single most beautiful person i have ever seen. His name is Brother Woodbury. He has Eyelashes that are so long when he blinks i get hit by a gust of wind. He is going to BYU to become a professor!

We taught him and he pretended to be a menos activo (less active) He didnt want to go to church because he is divorced with an 8 year old son. Ward members gossiped about him and his son is rowdy. so its just super difficult, but he knows how important the gospel is and he knows it is a commandment to go to church. So we were talking and I asked him if he was reading the scriptures and he said  "no". I was devastated and then i got a super strong prompting. A fire filled my belly and i opened my mouth I thought I was going to breathe fire but instead I spoke. "¿POR QUÉ NO?" (WHY NOT?) he was taken a back. he paused and thought then he spoke "no tengo un excusa" (i butchered that but he said he didnt have an excuse) i testified that i knew he would be blessed and that God and the Spirit of the Comforter would be with him. The spirit was so strong i know my prompting to be more abrasive was inspired and not by me, not by my companions, but by the power of God. We ended the lesson and i invited him to come to church. He said he would. 

I am still Austin. Some punk kid who likes to get in trouble and talks to loud, but I now have a second mantle I wear: Elder Hollingsworth de la iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de últimos días. I am an emissary of the Lord. I get up every day, still tired from the night before because i never get sleep, I put on a tie (all of which are starting to look ugly now that ive worn them so much) and march out my door to speak a language i don't know all day. I'm here to make a difference. My purpose is so simple invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo (invite people to come closer to Christ) my reason is even more simple. porque es bien (because it is good) God does not call the qualified. he qualifies the called. that punk kid who left Las Vegas is not the right person to preach, but I am growing and changing mediante JesuCristo y su expiacion (through Christ and his Atonement) and becoming qualified

Im getting long winded. here are some pictures. Aint i a boss.

Love you all,
Elder Austin Earl Hollingsworth

Mission Location Change

Hi Everyone, This is Austin’s Mom - 

We have some news… Austin’s mission got reassigned.  Crazy I know, but he is no longer going to Kentucky to serve, he is headed to the San Antonio Texas Mission and he leaves this Wednesday.  He will still be teaching in Spanish.  We don’t have his new mission address yet, but his email is still the same if you want to get ahold of him.