Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week 3


my pday got moved to Saturday don't worry i'm still alive!
Let me give a lesson in human anatomy: when a missionary enters the MTC he eats a grossly large amount of food, this elder than gets what i like to call "the Woopsie-Poopsie" Brothers and Sisters i sharted my pants. if you don't know what a shart is, ask your father. Dont worry folks im pulled it off well, no one knows. not even my companions.

Bishop read this to the priests also everyone else read this: Anyone who is thinking about serving a mission here is my advice: work on your 4-square game. mtc 4-square is literally the most serious thing i have ever done in my life. its more challenging than my language study, more intense than gospel study and takes more focus than teaching investigators. stop laughing, 4-square aint a joke.

I just yelled at them. She stopped humming. she looked very scared. oops (this literally just happened)

I got a promotion: starting on sunday i'm the zone leader. that makes me incharge of about 2 dozen missionaries. that's the highest rank i can get at the MTC! i'm a super missionary! its awesome! i get to help all the missionaries with any issues they have: homesickness, breaking up fights, reprimanding them for flirting with the cute hermanas (only i can do that). im really excited for this opportunity to serve!

Spanish is easy peasy perro, mi espanol es basura ahora (but, my spanish is trash right now) ill figure it out. 

i really miss music. i rap myself to sleep and sing basically all the time. im starting to forget lyrics its FREAKING ME OUT! i miss fetty wap

my companions and i rearranged our room and pushed our beds together to convince the Hermanas in our district that we share one giant bed, don't worry we separated them afterwards. the other picture is our new years eve picture! we matched aren't we the cutest! also this is hermana knowlton if any of you know Marissa Paz she is my mtc equivalent of her

love you all,
Elder Hollingsworth!