Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week 4

Dear Family and Friends,

This is my last will and testament. i just drank 48 ounces of MTC orange juice as challenge. i succeeded... those of you who don't know mtc oj gives violent poops. 

We got a new investigator this week. His name is Allen he comes from new york he had a feeling he should move to Utah for school. Now he is going to BYU to be a graphical designer.

I had this awesome experience this week that starts with a terrible day: So last tuesday i didnt get any sleep. I was pissed. i was so grouchy and rude to everyone then i went in to a lesson with emily. and i just wasnt having it. i barley spoke but then i got this feeling i should open my mouth. I dont remember what i said (something about the value of repentance) but I do remember how i felt. i was washed over with peace and i felt so empowered. The spirit was with me. My spanish was perfect and my doctrine was sound. 

That's how it all works. i study everyday, Spanish and the gospel, i work hard. when we work as hard as we can and are worthy to have the spirit in our lives the spirit will give us what we need in the very moment we need it. my spanish is far from perfect and i am one lousy teacher. but the spirit allows me to be a mouth peace. he teaches i just be the best tool i can be. The church is true. Emily committed to be baptized

I got to go through the temple last saturday. The provo temple is so ugly on the outside. the inside is beautiful but it is freaking packed all the time! I was so grateful for the calm spirit there. It was the recharge i needed after a long week of getting reprimanded.

The mtc is a highly corrective environment. they really try to work the flaws out of you, and im a stinker so its been rough. 

Im fine dont worry about me. im happy and safe and having a blast. if you guys know anyone who wants to be on my list tell my mommy. she will put them on it. 

I love you all,
Elder Austin Earl Hollingsworth