Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week 2

CHRISTMAS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! David A. Bednar spoke it was a question and answer and he answered my question! how do we receive revelation. the spirit give you what you need when you need it but you have to give it something to work with so study the scriptures and ponder your heart. 

that night David Archuleta came for a concert! all the sister missionaries lost their minds. i stood and shook the missionary rule book and yelled Arrepentiemento! (Repent) sorry my spanish spelling is worse than my speaking hahaha.

The Hermanas (sisters) in my district made us color coordinate for christmas. Emerald and Burgandy! we are totally adorable. i didnt have my camera so ill send you pics next week. unless i can get them today some how.

Spanish is so awesome! im learning so much. our investigator lessons are going better. (mostly because we know more spanish now) I'm teaching 3 investigators. brian, sergio, and emily. they are all so cool and also all fake investigators! teaching is so hard. i need to rely more on the spirit. im too impatient.

paicence pacience (patience patience). its a work in progress. but hey WE ARE ALL WORKS IN PROGRESS! no one is perfect and thats ok. i yelled and swore at one of the sisters yesterday. but through repentance im able to make everything better. i said sorry and we are friends again.

since boys and girls arent alowed to flirt when every we want to compliment eachother we say "you look very handshake" or "your outfit is so handshake" because handshakes are appropriate hugs are not. yesterday Hermana knowlton plucked my eyebrows because im a princess and want to look like a babe! she said "elder Hollingsworth you have a very Handshake profile" WHAT A CULEBRA! (SNAKE) just kidding it totally wasnt flirty. shes a really good friend of mine. I said "thanks i know" haha i need to work on my pride i guess. but like i said we are all works in progress.

anyways i hope this letter made a little sense. its hard to keep your sanity amidst the insanity of mission life. i pray for you all and love hearing from you. Let me know how you are all doing the good and the bad. even if the bad is really bad i wan to hear. i may even have some sagely advice to spit your way. Lo Ciento (im sorry) no pictures this week. double next week i swear!!